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Definitely a five star breeder. Happy Doodle Town has exceeded our expectations! They are always extremely responsive and friendly. We purchased our golden doodle boy for Christmas from Happy Doodle Town and from day 1 they have always been responsive and always giving us updates on the growth of our puppy with pictures and health status. They displayed a level of professionalism.  I never imagined how engaged a breeder would be in ensuring our puppy is in the right track. They genuinely care and it shows how they go beyond it being a business. Their dogs seemed so happy and friendly. I would highly recommend Happy Doodle Town. Thank you!!!

Adriana S.

Story time! The way I came across this amazing Breeder was I met a family at an RV dealer who had the most adorable Goldendoodle I have ever seen! Not every breeder has that beautiful structure and teddy bear look that we want on Goldendoodles. Not only is structure important but knowing you are getting a healthy puppy is a peace of mind. When I messaged Nati (breeder) I immediately connected with her and trusted her knowledge on Goldendoodles, she is the sweetest person very responsive, she updated me through out Lucas growth till gotcha day. I can say she went above and beyond compared to other stories of other breeders my friends have had. We are definitely getting a 2nd puppy from her in the future!

Cossette C.

From the moment I spoke to Nathali to the moment we picked up our puppy Happy Doodles Town went above and beyond. Responded to questions even after we picked up our puppy. Sent us useful links, sent us pictures as the puppy grew . They truly care for their puppies and begin training them to be excellent puppies. Could not have asked for a better experience.

Monica A.




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